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LogMRO has three major subsystems, Aircraft Maintenance, Material Management and Work Management. Cloud based – unlimited storage for company wide access to all your documents.





The modular design allows either system to be implemented by itself, or in tandem as a tightly integrated solution.  The system can be integrated with the corporate ERP financial system, from SAP to Quickbooks.

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Material System Overview

  • Material Segregated by Owner and Optionally Contract and Site

  • Track and Manage End Items, Components, and Consumables

  • Track by Serial Number, Lot, Condition, IUID, CAP/GFP, NSN, etc.

  • Complete Purchasing System or Integrate with Enterprise Purchasing 


  • Receiving with Two Options

    • Receipt of Stock​

    • Receipt to Inspection to Stock

  • Material Transactions

    • Stock Part, Request Part, Reserve, Unreserve, Issue, Install, Uninstall, Ship, Scrap, PI Gain, PI Loss​

    • Changes: Serial Number, Condition, Part Number, Location (Site or Bin), Contract/Owner Purchase Requisitions

  • Traceability - Complete Item History

  • Audit Trails Throughout

  • Sales Module

  • Milstrip - Retail

  • Track and Manage Loans

  • Prime Numbers for Alternates

  • Kitting

  • Physical Inventory

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Work Management

  • Work Orders can be entered manually or created from Excel Spreadsheet

  • Work Packages Created from Work Orders, Sub Work Orders, Sub-Sub Work Orders, etc.

  • Automatic Roll Up of Work Order Costs to Top Level End Item

  • Print Task Cards for VIDS Board

  • Labor Collection - Track Labor to Budget with Alerts when nearing Percent of Budget

  • Material Consumed

  • Vendor Repair Management 

  • Other Costs

  • Invoicing with option for Invoicing Progress Payments, and Trial Invoicing

  • Work Order Scenarios and Moves - WIP

  • Key Performance Indicators with Charts and Alerts

Image by Viktor Forgacs

Aircraft Maintenance for Operators

  • Configuration Management

  • Planned and unplanned maintenance

  • Recurring Inspections

  • Airworthiness Directives and Service Bulletins

  • Flight recording

  • Data Recorder

  • Gripes/Discrepancies

  • Component lifing – Hours, Cycles, RINS, Torque- events, Starts, Hobbs, any number of meters

  • Power checks

  • Tools and Calibration

Our Detailed Road Map

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