• Kurt Lindberg, Chief Technology Officer

    • Original Architect and Lead Developer of the GOLD System® (1980-1997)

    • Original Architect and Lead Developer of the ARMS System  (2000-2010)

    • Both systems were highly successful.  Both have been acquired by Boeing.​​

  • Miguel Foncerrada, CEO

    • Programmer and later Director of Development of the GOLD System® (1986-1999)

    • CEO of IBA, developer of ARMS.  Acquired by ILS. (1999-2006)

    • Director of Supply Chain Solutions, ILS, now a Boeing Company (2006-2013)

  • Terry Lubenow, VP Sales & Marketing

    • VP Sales and Marketing of the GOLD System® (1985-2000)

    • Investor in Raptor ASA.  Technology acquired by IBM and branded IBM Maximo Asset Configuration Manager

Atlas rocket at entrance to General Dynamics, photo circa 1980's. Made by GD in San Diego. GD Electronics, Convair, and Space Systems were all early users of the GOLD System with development led by Kurt Lindberg.

atlas rocket at GD cropped 340x600.jpg