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Technology matters – Deployment Speed!

The latest technology matters because it gives you a better system.  LogMRO is based on a "Metadata Driven Model (MDM), an architecture made popular by™️. Using this model, developers create a page by defining what fields are on the page, and any plugin logic used.  These components are called metadata.  Actual pages are built "on the fly" by reading the metadata and from that creating the page.

​So Why Do You Care?

DEPLOYMENT SPEED - Because all sophisticated companies require some customization and with MDM that can be done immediately without a lengthy and expensive customization project.  We immediately deliver a full working system that can be easily tailored on-site to match your requirements.  You get the best of both worlds – an immediate deployment as well as customization to keep your competitive advantage.

blockchain autit trail patent pending

Blockchain traceability and auditability

Framework technology graph for logistics mro

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